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A Big Fat Notebook for Big Fat Ideas!

Confetti adorned, this notebook is THICC at 200 pages, lined and ready for your brainstorms. The front simply says “Start Somewhere,” and has been my mantra for months as I use graphic design and writing as a creative outlet to combat stress. What big ideas do you have brewing that you’d like to see come […]

The Hooker’s Club Logbook

Years ago, my husband was given a large fishing hook, bent in such a way that it could be slipped on the side of his cowboy hat, and he was deemed a member of The Hooker’s Club, which doesn’t really exist. Since that time, we’ve joked that his status as a full-fledged Hooker’s Club member […]

Your Brain Is An A**hole

It’s Launch Day! I’m excited to share this workbook with you. I also want to throw up when I think about sharing this with the world. It’s all about balance. It’s been a rough year, and if you’re feeling some big feelings about how this year has gone, this guided journal is for you. This […]

LGBTQ2+ Pride Journals

Bright and colourful, these journals are 110 lined pages and super cute. Choose from several designs such as I Can’t Think Straight, Love Wins, and Love is Love is Love! I even created songwriting and bullet journal books – whatever your heart desires! Collect them all! Love Wins: Canada USA Love is Love is Love […]


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Hi, I’m Karen. I have been writing all my life, and creating fun graphic design for over 16 years. I live in Canada with my family, and I’m a full time nurse. I love hiking, camping, and sleeping. Nurses LOVE sleeping.

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