Cannabis Copywriter for Hire

There’s one thing you can expect from me and that’s the unexpected…I’m an international Superspy…SUPERSPY!! Just kidding guys, I write about marijuana. Shhhhh. Cannabis Copywriter for Hire! (details below)

I have written over a million words about cannabis for a client. Due to confidentiality, I cannot share it here. I take my clients’ wishes and confidentiality very seriously. The material that was written specifically for this client will be released to the public in 2022. Once it has been released, I will be able to link the website directly and will be directly attributed. I’m very excited for this client to launch this work as we have all been working very hard.

If you are a cannabis content creator and you’re looking for a copywriter with extensive knowledge about cannabis, I’m for hire!

If you require blogging or content for your business, contact me today!

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