What’s on my desk

From Chapter One of The Cloud:

I peered down from my window to see my neighbour in a frozen stance, staring down the road. The machine was still whining away in her arms. I followed her gaze to see an enormous, black storm cloud sliding our way. October isn’t storm season here, so seeing a huge thundercloud is definitely strange. I glanced back at my neighbour and to my shock, she was looking up at me. Her eyes were glazed, and her mouth was a thin, disapproving line. Her body still hadn’t moved. I was trying to figure out why she would look so pissy, when I’m the one she’s constantly annoying with her lawn Olympics. 

The cloud darkened the entire sky now and was moving fast. I watched it slide across the sky in seconds and as it blanketed my house, a prism of bright light followed directly behind it.

Coming May 2021.

©Karen Bodkin. All Rights Reserved.

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