My Process

My process starts with coffee.

This planner is one I got on clearance at Staples for $14, which I’m guessing is because I bought it in March 2021 and nobody knows what’s coming in the next few days given the stupid mothertrucking pandemic.

My only requirements for planners and notebooks are O-ring coils. I’m obsessed with working on one page at a time and flipping the books backward, and I neeeed to see a week at a time. I highlight the number of the days I have to be at my full time job because those days are a write-off with the 45 minute commute.

My planner is usually inclusive of website maintenance, writing times, graphic times, learning times, hikes, workouts, appointments – the works. I’m a visual person and I gotta know what’s expected of me beyond getting lost in words or font libraries. But I also make sure that I take time to move and get into nature.

I write on my laptop or iPad. Occasionally something will hit me at work and I throw it in the notes section of my iPhone and ultimately have to make a reminder in the phone to audibly remind me that I have notes in there. It’s ridiculous to have a creative brain during days I’m supposed to have a logical brain and concentrate on nursing tasks.

What are your creative outlets? How do you manage to fit them in, or do you need to try harder at that?

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